Images from the Book

These are just a few of the dogs you'll meet in Gooch's Pooches.


There are many well-known reasons why people love the Kennebunks but one feature that does not regularly appear in the travel magazines and tourist articles is that Kennebunk (Gooch’s) Beach may be one of the prettiest and most enjoyable play areas for dogs in the country.

For decades, the Town has allowed dogs to frolic on the beach before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. in the summer and at all times during the rest of the year. The only requirement is that owners carry a leash, maintain voice control over their dogs, and clean up after them. Since 2006, a Dog Advisory Committee made up of local dog owners has had responsibility for monitoring compliance with the rules.

Throughout the summer, the beach is home to dual societies. Not only do dog owners (both year-round residents and seasonal visitors) socialize and make lasting friendships but so do their dogs. People are often more comfortable initiating relationships with others when dogs are involved. But in the end, it’s all about the dogs. In fact, as one frequent visitor noted, many of the owners are more likely to know the names of other peoples’ dogs than those of their owners.

On the beach, many dogs are seen joyfully fetching balls, racing across the sand or into the water. Some simply enjoy casually walking the length of the beach. Against a backdrop of fishing boats, schooners, and beautiful coastal scenery, one can see why the activities on the sands of Kennebunk Beach are a “four-legged heaven” for the dogs and a peaceful, satisfying experience for their owners.

Since the first volume of this book was so well received and since we’ve heard from so many owners whose beach-going dogs did not appear in that book, we are pleased to present the all-new second volume of Gooch’s Pooches.

Bob & Annette